There are many different kinds of alcohol drinks on the market. One of the most popular is a scotch whisky. A single bottle of Scotch whisky can cost anywhere from three to four hundred dollars. It is best reserved for celebrations and other such events. It cannot be used as a regular drink for everyday use. Scotch whisky is very much like beer. Many people consider it a premium version of beer. But where beer is affordable, only a few can afford to buy scotch whisky. As many as one to two percent of all people can afford to buy a bottle of Scotch whisky. Some of the more premium versions are even more expensive. Scotch whisky holds he record as one of the most expensive brews on the market. It takes five to seven years to brew a single batch of Scotch whisky. 

Not every manufacturing company can afford to wait for so long. It is important to find the right kind of customers for it. Doing Sonia difficult seeing that only so few can afford it. Within the elite class, five to ten percent of all people can afford a batch of Scotch whisky. It is most commonly bought in the form of bottles. Some people might buy it in the form of batches but this is rare. Two out of three buyers buy it in the form of bottles. The other third buys in in the form of bottles. The average buyer buys about two to five bottles of Scotch whisky a year. This is considerably less than the number of beers purchased. In contrast, as many as seventy to eighty beer cans are purchased by people on average.

People who buy scotch whisky also buy buckets of ice with it. Metal buckets are most commonly used for the purpose. They have a good aesthetic look and appear very nice. They are perfect for serving a batch of Scotch whisky. Metal buckets to seven scotch whisky are often made of iron. The iron is glinted with a more shiny metal that keeps it presentable. It is often coated with brine or copper to make it more attractive. 

There are other ways to present scotch whisky too. It is a challenge to market scotch whisky. Scotch whisky is often served cold. It can also be served hot on some occasions. Cold scotch whisky is the preferred type. It is served with slabs and chunks of ice. They can be perfect for presentation purposes. People often present five to six bottles of nice wine from best online wine shop in Australia at the same time. The bottles of Scotch whisky are often accompanied by glasses. Wine glasses are used for the purpose of serving scotch whisky. They are fit for the purpose and look very attractive.