If you are someone who is handling for the first time the task of dealing with catered food, here are a few things that you should be knowing before you start with the search of menu for catering. 

  1. Delivery fee is not included in the cost 

One thing that everyone should be aware off about the catering companies in Sydney is the fact that they always charge according to the per person rate. This fee is usually the fee that does not incorporate delivery charges as well which needs to be paid separately. The delivery fees could range from 30 to 60 dollars. The delivery fee includes the following things; 

  •  Cost incurred by the catering company to deliver the food 
  • Cost incurred for delivering the equipment 
  • Trip made to clear the catering line 

The more the trips, the higher the price of delivery will be.  

  1. 10% Buffer

A lot of customers come up with the most common query to the catering companies about how many per person deals should they order for? Well, there is no magical calculator or a definite answer to this question which is why the catering companies always say that there is a 10% buffer in most of the situations.  

  1. Minimum 3 days to order a buffet

Customers should keep in mind that there is a difference between a food delivery and a catering business. Catering business is not at all anything like a food delivery option. To process your request for the food, it requires at least an advance time of three days as the logistics is quiet heavy. Every food and item you order in the catering menu requires separate ingredients that too in large quantities. If you want your catered food to be right and tasty, we highly suggest you to order before time to avoid any delays or last minute mishaps. 

  1. Making changes to order will charge you money

Now that you are aware of the fact that a catering business requires a lot logistics issues and since everything is done in bulk quantities, changing your order in the last minute will cost you a lot of money. Every change has a rippled effect on your confirmed order. Many caterers charge around 15 to 30 dollars for any changes required in the menu to cover their cost. So before you finalize your order, make sure it is approved by everyone and that no changes will be required later.  


  1. Tables and chairs aren’t the part of food prices

Did you know tables and chairs do not come under the cost of food that you’re paying for and that they are to be charged separately? Most caterers require a separate rental fee for these services.  best-catering